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October 14-16, 2016

Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

Creating History Together

AIESEC US is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a weekend of festivities.

Our goal is to have 500+ AIESEC alumni (in the US and internationally), member students, AIESEC US leadership, AIESEC International staff, clients and partners present in Chicago, IL to celebrate 60 years of AIESEC US’ long and rich history.

The weekend will be filled with opportunities to hear from successful AIESEC alumni on current topics in business and international understanding, as well as, opportunities to socialize, reminisce and share laughs with old friends and peers. Current students will have the occasion to share ideas, create action plans, and network with alumni, clients and partners. All participants will be Creating History Together.

60th Anniversary Honorary Committee

1961-62 Roger Conhaim

1963-64 John Tuteur

1964-66 Ken Philips

1966-68 Herb Behrstock

1968-69 Kenneth Morse

1968-69 Boyd Griffin

1971-73 Joe Loughrey

1973-74 Bruce Walker

1975-76 Stewart Graham

1978-79 Patrice Fidler Blanchard

1979-80 Dan Blanchard

1980-81 Frank Foti

1981-82 Peter Pintar

1982-83 Russ Gerson

1984-85 Andrew Wampler

1986-87 Marcia Zellers

1987-88 Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

1988-89 Michael Stewart

1989-90 David Pollay

1992-93 Dariusz Paczuski

1994-95 Jeff Popiel

1995-96 David Bizer

1996-97 Sarah Endline

1997-98 Heather Blahnik

1998-00 Joe Fletcher

2009-10 Tiffany Curtiss

2011-12 Jeff Chen

2013-14 Steven Jordan

AAI Andrew Rowe